The Gyroplane Pilot's Handbook

The Gyroplane Pilot's Handbook


This book, written by Dr Phil Harwood, a UK Senior Examiner for Gyroplanes and published in July 2017 has been written specifically for student gyroplane pilots, fixed wing and helicopter pilots converting to gyroplanes, qualified gyroplane pilots, gyroplane instructors and gyroplane examiners. The book contains detailed explanations of how to fly a gyroplane and represents current best practice.

In 2016 the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training (IAPGT) published the International Standard Lesson Structure, a framework for the standardization of gyroplane training worldwide. The lesson plans supplement, support and cross reference to the regulation and training syllabi that exist worldwide. It can be used as the basis of structured gyroplane training in every country. This book contains explanations of How to Fly a Gyroplane according to the standard lesson structure.

The content in this book is supplemented by The Gyropedia, an online web portal that contains videos, animated computer graphics, lesson plan diagrams and presentations that are elements of a pilot’s and an instructor’s toolkit as part of a worldwide integrated and standardized gyroplane training platform, The Gyropedia is accessed at A key component in the development of this book is the collaboration of gyroplane instructors worldwide who participate in the Best Practice Challenge - an online forum integrated into the Gyropedia where the experience of instructors is coordinated to develop ongoing Best Practice in gyroplane flying.

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